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Month: February 2012

What Does Jesus Think About War?

grant_calvary_sxc.hu_cropped I just posted a brief article about Joel McDurmon’s upcoming book called The Bible & War in America at The Gospel of Everything Blog.

If you have questions about America’s “war culture” come on over and read the article and tell me your thoughts and questions. Maybe you

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The Bible and War

Bible_and_War_McDurmon_Book Does Christianity have a clear teaching about war?  What about self-defense?  National defense?  Promoting justice in the world through the use of war?

Here is a scarier way to ask the question:  How does Jesus feel about Christians participating directly or indirectly in war?  Is Jesus a pacifist?  Does he want us to stay uninvolved in all wars?

On the other hand, how does Jesus feel about the American


Should Christians Cry “It’s the End of the World” and Run to the Hills?

Glen Beck Interviews Kirk Cameron and Marshall Foster:

I associate Kirk Cameron with the Left Behind series of movies, so I am really excited to hear him talking about how we should not surrender because it looks like the end of the world, but we should fight for the future.

I hope your are inspired.

If you would like more information about this live event when it is in your area go here:

Hat tip to Ed Willing over at The Founders Intent for calling my attention to this video and to the live event that it promotes. You can see Ed’s post here:

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