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The Bible and War

Bible_and_War_McDurmon_Book Does Christianity have a clear teaching about war?  What about self-defense?  National defense?  Promoting justice in the world through the use of war?

Here is a scarier way to ask the question:  How does Jesus feel about Christians participating directly or indirectly in war?  Is Jesus a pacifist?  Does he want us to stay uninvolved in all wars?

On the other hand, how does Jesus feel about the American

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  1. 1. Individuals have a Biblical right to self defense in Exodus 22:2. A collective of individuals has the same right. War should be used solely for defense of a nation's own citizens.

    2 and 3. If the war was executed outside of Constitutional authority via a declaration by Congress, it was wrong. In all other cases, it can be debated either way, but I'm more prone to believe the wars were wrong.

    4. Maybe. Convince me. 🙂

    • Hello Jarrett, thanks for joining the "Gospel of Everything" discussion. 🙂

      I don't know if I can convince you to buy the book because I haven't read it myself yet! (It isn't even out). I am very interested though. I will probably get a copy.


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