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How Do You See the Poor? – Part 1

The answer to poverty in the world is not for rich westerners to be the saviors of all those poor wretches “over there.”

Consider this short video at Don’t Look Down On the Poor

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Christianity Causes Prosperity

Does God care if you are rich or poor?
How are we to view wealth and prosperity
from a Christian Perspective?

Several times over the years I have seen some Christians react negatively to the idea expressed in the title of this article.  Make the claim that living out Christianity will tend to cause all kinds of prosperity


Worldview Determines Solutions to Poverty

Abundance and Prosperity

Why do some argue that the government needs to act in order to help the poor while others argue that helping the poor should be left in private hands?

Is this primarily a political question of Democrat vs. Republican or Liberal vs. Conservative?

Or is it a worldview question?

Darrow Miller and Gary Brumbelow have written an article that shows some of the worldview roots to these two perspectives.

Here are my summaries on the four perspectives that they discussed:

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