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The Transforming Power of Hospitality

Where I found this picture:  Cedar Point Church
Where I found this picture:

I have been all over the world, and I have often been the recipient of hospitality in my ministry travels. On more than one occasion I have been blown away by the generosity of others.

One of my passions is to spread the ideas of a Biblical Christian Worldview. As I have studied the Bible about this, I have been pleasantly surprised about how many real and practical things can be lived out in day to day life to see the Kingdom of God advanced in the earth!

One of those areas is hospitality!

You might not think you can do much to advance the gospel, but you never know how much is happening when you simply share your life, your home, and basic Christian hospitality with your neighbors.

You might desire to be a great evangelist. You want to see lives changed by the Love of God.

Start with a cup of cold water, a few minutes sitting in your living room over snacks with a neighbor, helping someone carry in their groceries.

A Christian Transformational Worldview starts with the little things!

My heart cry to God:

“Father, I need your heart for my neighbors! I need your heart to have a more open home and a more sharing heart!”

I was inspired to think about this today by this article at

“What if I told you that Christian hospitality was a necessary key to reclaiming our culture for Christ? It may sound a bit extreme, but if you think about it for a minute it makes sense. Influence flows over time to those who serve. As Christians more effectively show hospitality by opening their lives to and serving others they will begin to affect their surrounding communities and culture at a very fundamental level.”  [Read More]

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Inspiring, Discipling, and Mobilizing the Next Generation of Christian Leaders

The Lordship of Jesus Applies to All of Life!
The Lordship of Jesus Applies to All of Life!
In 2000 I wrote a vision statement for my life. It was both a description of what I had been doing in ministry for the 8 years prior to that as well as a statement of intention about the future.

I have modified it very slightly over the years and say it in a few different ways, but here is the essence:

“My vision is to inspire, disciple, and mobilize the next generation of Christian leaders to fall in love with God and then find and fulfill their roles in Worldwide Awakening.”

Underneath that I wrote that I would do this by:

“Teaching in churches, schools, and ministries, running effective discipleship programs, writing books and tracts, and inspiring young people to live out the Bible in every area of society and life.”

I never anticipated at the time how much I would be in to web pages 12 years later!

Web content has been a hobby of mine for some time now.

So to this vision I dedicate my new website:

I titled this site “The Gospel of Everything” because I am increasingly convinced that the Christian View of the World is meant for every area of life; so in a very real way this site is about everything. I want to work to see Jesus and His Thoughts and Ways applied to every area of life and society.

So let this site be like a new sword in the Hand of the Holy Spirit to see the Kingdom of God come on the earth and in eternity.

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[Archive] Faith that Lasts – Jon (5/4/2008)

Jon shares at a Youth Home Group in Aurora, Oregon about the Character of God and having a real faith in God that lasts for a lifetime and forever.

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