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Monday morning is coming. Live it for the King!

Your whole life is meant to glorify Him.

Even your work.

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The Abduction of Domenic Johansson

Consider the Story of Domenic Johansson:

The Bible contains instructions about how parents should train up their children. I am unaware of anything in the Bible that teaches that The State should be doing this. I am also unaware of anything in the Bible or in the Heart of God that gives The State sovereignty over the family in family matters.

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More about the Johansson Story:

The Domenic Johansson Facebook Group:

Should Christians Cry “It’s the End of the World” and Run to the Hills?

Glen Beck Interviews Kirk Cameron and Marshall Foster:

I associate Kirk Cameron with the Left Behind series of movies, so I am really excited to hear him talking about how we should not surrender because it looks like the end of the world, but we should fight for the future.

I hope your are inspired.

If you would like more information about this live event when it is in your area go here:

Hat tip to Ed Willing over at The Founders Intent for calling my attention to this video and to the live event that it promotes. You can see Ed’s post here:

Important Intellectual Stimulation

Rhett and Link have done it again:

Just in case you needed to lighten up today.


Hey, I did say that this site was about “all of life” didn’t I?

That includes “Dope Zebras.” 🙂

Don’t Look Down On The Poor

Have you ever turned on the TV and seen pictures of starving children covered in flies followed by an appeal to help the poor?

In order to really help the poor we need to stop seeing them as victims and instead see their potential as children of God.

Here is a video with some thoughts along these lines from a worker in Nicaragua:

Here is a link to the video and some excerpts at the website: