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Save The Internet!

*Important Disclaimer: Any donations to this crowdfunding project will not be tax-deductible!

Help me keep the sites that I host on the internet!
Help me keep the valuable sites
that I host on the internet!
I operate a number of web pages that are related to my ministry work but for various reasons they do not fit into a “tax deductible” category with the IRS. So I pay for them personally and operate them on my personal web hosting account, rather than host them with the ministry account.

For example, I host Ben Gilmore’s ACH Study Groups website for free! (

I host a political/worldview blog that hasn’t been updated for a while but still has loads of content and people actually read it. 🙂 (

I host the Gospel of Everything website about All of Life Christianity. (

I host a resource for missionaries raising support: (

I think you get the picture. 😉

For about a year now I have been having major hassles with my formerly-great hosting provider known as Bluehost. I wish to move to a new hosting provider.

I can host all of my sites for the next 3 years for $186.00! That will save a bunch of Kingdom Money monthly (about $12/mo – more than $250 over the entire 3 years!) and get me out of the icky Bluehost situation.

Can you imagine a world without ME on the internet?

I can’t. 🙂

So… Save the Internet! Keep Jon Davis and his sites going strong for the next 3 years!

There is a soul out there for whom the whole amount isn’t much. There are 7 souls out there who could kick in $30.00 each (I added a bit on to cover papal fees).

Will you help me keep my good content on the internet?

Just go here to make your donation:

If you have any questions feel free to contact me here:

Let’s try and do this in the next couple of days so I don’t miss the sale!


Jon Davis Jr.

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