Christianity Causes Prosperity

Does God care if you are rich or poor?
How are we to view wealth and prosperity
from a Christian Perspective?

Several times over the years I have seen some Christians react negatively to the idea expressed in the title of this article.  Make the claim that living out Christianity will tend to cause all kinds of prosperity

The Abduction of Domenic Johansson

Consider the Story of Domenic Johansson:

The Bible contains instructions about how parents should train up their children. I am unaware of anything in the Bible that teaches that The State should be doing this. I am also unaware of anything in the Bible or in the Heart of God that gives The State sovereignty over the family in family matters.

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You Have Broken The Chains

What Does Jesus Think About War?

grant_calvary_sxc.hu_cropped I just posted a brief article about Joel McDurmon’s upcoming book called The Bible & War in America at The Gospel of Everything Blog.

If you have questions about America’s “war culture” come on over and read the article and tell me your thoughts and questions. Maybe you

The Bible and War

Bible_and_War_McDurmon_Book Does Christianity have a clear teaching about war?  What about self-defense?  National defense?  Promoting justice in the world through the use of war?

Here is a scarier way to ask the question:  How does Jesus feel about Christians participating directly or indirectly in war?  Is Jesus a pacifist?  Does he want us to stay uninvolved in all wars?

On the other hand, how does Jesus feel about the American